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Submitted by jpoonting on 29 September 2021

New UofT program encourages Black undergrads to consider law school

UofT Magazine cover autumn 2021

Excerpted from the Autumn 2021 UofT Magazine  

A newly formed partnership of leading Canadian law firms has committed $1.75 million to U of T’s ground-breaking Black Future Lawyers program. Through their joint pledge, the 14 firms – including some of Canada’s largest – will help fund the initiative for 10 years.

Jutta Brunnée, dean of the Faculty of Law, says the gift will give the program the stability it needs to establish chapters at universities across Canada and invest in the country’s next generation of Black lawyers. “We know that Black students face systemic obstacles that prevent them from accessing professional school education,” says Brunnée. “It’s important that we have a long-term vision that will help build a consistently strong number of Black students enrolling in law.”

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UofT Magazine autumn 2021