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Submitted by jpoonting on 2 February 2021

Scotiabank will fund BFL and launches a National Scholarship Program

On Feb. 1, 2021, Scotiabank announced the development of a first-in-Canada scholarship program to increase the number of students pursuing a career in the legal profession with the intent to become advocates for anti-racism. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on several factors including their demonstrated experience in anti-racism advocacy and a clear articulation of how they will leverage their legal careers to tackle systemic discrimination.

In addition, Scotiabank has also committed $60,000 over the next three years in support of Black Future Lawyers (BFL); a collaboration between the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Black Law Students Association and members of the Black legal community.

The program aims to offer a series of initiatives that provide engagement opportunities to Black students during key periods:
1) high school
2) undergraduate school and
3) while applying to law school.

Considered together, these initiatives will form a continuous pipeline between grade 10 and the legal profession. 

Read Scotiabank's full announcement

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