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LSAP 2023
DEADLINES: March 1 for LSAT fee waiver | March 31 for LSAP prep

LSAP: The UofT free summer LSAT prep, apply by March 31

Students from low-income families must also apply for a LSAT registration fee waiver by March 1


The UofT Faculty of Law offers the LSAP, a free LSAT preparation program for certain high-potential undergraduate students and recent degree graduates. 
The program is held once each summer, from early May to late August to prepare for LSAT tests that follow immediately in the autumn.

For 2023, classes are held twice a week on weekdays in-person on campus.

Apply by March 31 for the prep program
and if eligible, apply by March 1 for the LSAC fee waiver 

BFL members are invited to participate.

To become a BFL undergraduate student member, please complete the membership form.

For program eligibility, details and to apply, please visit the LSAP web site.

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